Laminate Flooring 

The development of laminate flooring in the past 15 years has been quite amazing. Many people still imagine laminate floors as the stereo-typical beech 3 strip, plastic looking floors they were when they first became popular. Most laminate floors today are so realistic, it is often very difficult to distinguish between them and the real thing. There are 100s of different styles and decors to choose from, many more than in any other kind of wood flooring.

Laminate floors come in range of between 7mm and 9.5mm, all laid as a floating floor on an underlay, and recently all manufactured with a locking joint to allow for glueless installation.

Many ranges are available with bevelled edges for better plank definition, textured surfaces for a more natural look, tile effect laminate floors, or even laminate floors suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.The choice is endless!

One of the biggest benefits of a laminate floor in comparison to a solid or engineered floor is its durability. A laminate board is constructed of high density fibreboard and coated with a layer of melamine resin, giving an ultra strong surface. It is very hard to dent, resistant to stiletto heel marks, and most laminate floors are scratch resistant. In addition, spills can be very easily wiped up and the surface is stain resistant.

As wood is a natural product, it changes colour slightly with age and exposure to sunlight, for example Oak floors tend to yellow slightly. Because a laminate floor is a replica of real wood, this issue does not arise. The floor you buy will still have the same appearance 10 years down the line, as it does the day you buy it.

All in all, a laminate floor is the ideal, hard wearing solution to any area in your home. A way to bring the beauty of wood into your house at a reasonable cost. Call or email us now to arrange a home visit to view our extensive range of laminate floors.

Historically, the one area within your home not suitable for laminate flooring has been the bathroom. The reasons for this being the risk of water from the bath or shower coming into contact with the floor and the high level of moisture in the air in the form of steam, both of which could be absorbed by the floor and cause swelling and de-lamination.

Quick-step have overcome this issue with their Lagune range. Coming in a range of decors, the Lagune range is made up of narrow planks, separated by a rubber strip seal giving a stunning shipdeck appearance. This not only helps protect the floor from the excesses of moisture in a bathroom, but also creates a non-slip surface to the floor. The pictures below show the effect created with a Natural varnished Oak from the Lagune range.

Hot off the press!!

A new range of Quickstep flooring has been released. The "Impressive" range comes in a much wider range of decors, without the black rubber seal, yet still waterproof. Call us to book a visit to see the extensive new range!

The laminate brands we supply and install include but are not limited to; Quick-step, Balterio, Egger and Elka. Should you be interested in a specific brand of laminate flooring not listed, just let us know and we will be more than happy to source your required floor for you.

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